At Calpurnia Communications, we create thoughtful, targeted communication strategies to help our clients deliver results.

Clients work with us when they have big goals, important opportunities or tough challenges. They keep working with us for our honest evaluation, thoughtful counsel and ability to connect stakeholders with strategy. We give organizations the understanding and the answers they need to build awareness, shift perceptions, create relationships and inspire action.

The organizations we work with make a difference in their sectors, for their stakeholders and in the world, and our strategic platforms and advice help them generate measurable, meaningful results.

Areas of Practice

Strategic Communications Counsel

Executive Communications Coaching and Training

Corporate Communications

Issues Management and Crisis Communications

Investor Relations and Financial Communications

Employee Engagement

Case Studies

Corporate Communications

Situation: Business Restructuring Following a significant market downturn, this global Fortune 500 manufacturing firm faced the closure of multiple plants in the United States, Asia and Latin America. The changes meant a significant decrease in production, substantial layoffs and folding up a company town. The company asked Calpurnia leadership to help them effectively communicate the…

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Investor Relations

Situation: Creating a Strategic Investor Relations Program As part of a broad turnaround effort, we developed a strategic investor relations program for a Fortune-500 retail company. After several years of negative and unpredictable business results, this one-time Wall Street darling was trading at an all-time low. Only a single sell-side analyst continued to follow the…

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Issues Management

Situation: National Pet Food Recall When tainted pet food from China was pulled from store shelves, beloved pets were dying and negative national and international media coverage was mounting, Calpurnia leadership spearheaded the effort to protect the brand equity of the nation’s leading pet specialty retailer. Our Strategic Approach To protect the company’s strong brand…

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Employee Engagement 1

Situation: Driving Change As part of its emergence from a long and difficult bankruptcy, Hostess Brands charted a new vision for its future and crafted a detailed business strategy. This industry-leading company has strong senior leadership, committed investors and venerable national brands such as Twinkies® and Wonder Bread®. But employees and mid-level leaders were demoralized,…

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Employee Engagement 2

Situation: Aligning employees with a new vision As part of a major strategic overhaul, a leading international corporation needed to engage its employees and partners in its vision for the future. The vision represented a dramatic shift from the past and required significant change in how key stakeholders worked, how they led and how they…

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