Strategic Communications Counsel

At Calpurnia, we believe success starts with asking the right questions. We get to know our clients’ target audiences and stakeholders, and make sure we understand what matters to them. Then, we find the place where those desires, needs and ideas intersect with the organization’s vision, strategies and goals. The result: communications strategies and programs that create clarity, inspire action and deliver results.

Executive Communications Coaching and Training

The Calpurnia team has more than 20 years of experience in coaching C-suite executives and communications professionals to communicate in ways that engage with stakeholders, build brands and generate measurable business results.

Our thoughtful, personal coaching supports communications leaders in developing and executing strong strategies, organizations and programs. Our counsel helps senior leaders manage the most complex presentations and the toughest reporters with authenticity, confidence and poise.

We also develop strategic messaging platforms and create engaging and effective speeches, presentations, blogs and other executive communications materials.

Corporate Communications

From influencing board members to managing the media, Calpurnia excels at helping organizations clearly and powerfully communicate strategy and engage their audiences.

We combine our deep understanding of what drives business with our communications expertise to develop programs, messages and materials that link strategy to stakeholders.
The Calpurnia team brings corporate communications to life via corporate media relations strategies and programs (traditional and social), strategic message development and influential outreach efforts.

Issues Management and Crisis Communication

Calpurnia’s clients emerge from even the toughest, most complex situations with their reputations, relationships and businesses intact. We help our clients make the most of their strengths, and we help them find and fix vulnerabilities. We manage sensitive issues before they become headlines. And when a crisis hits, we turn on a dime to help companies respond in a way that makes a difference for their stakeholders and their bottom lines.

Investor Relations and Financial Communications

At Calpurnia, we take employees beyond awareness of corporate strategies and initiatives, and create true engagement and action. By understanding what matters to employees, and where their needs and desires intersect with strategy, we help align what employees do and say with what the organization needs. Our strategic communications programs build loyalty, drive effective and efficient execution and make employees ambassadors for the brand.

Employee Engagement

Calpurnia’s innovative and strategic investor relations programs help companies deliver and grow shareholder value. We help our clients create and build productive relationships with investors and influence opinion makers. We clearly communicate strategy and results, and manage issues from public offerings and transactions to shareholder activism and dissent.