Corporate Communications

Situation: Business Restructuring

Following a significant market downturn, this global Fortune 500 manufacturing firm faced the closure of multiple plants in the United States, Asia and Latin America. The changes meant a significant decrease in production, substantial layoffs and folding up a company town.

The company asked Calpurnia leadership to help them effectively communicate the change to key stakeholders and protect the value of its stock during the announcements and throughout the closure process.

Our Strategic Approach

We developed a comprehensive strategic plan to address the issues and ensure timely, clear and compassionate communication to national audiences and stakeholders across five states and three countries.

As part of the program, we:

  • Provided communications coaching and counsel to executive and operational leadership.
  • Crafted and coordinated all public announcements for national media, analysts and investors, lenders and rating agencies, and managed contact with key customers.
  • Conducted briefings with U.S. government officials.
  • Coordinated local outreach to employees, community leaders, various regulatory agencies, media, unions, political and business leaders.
  • Established a Web site and hotline designed to respond to questions and concerns from associates.


  • The company completed the restructuring with no adverse impact to stock price, minimal disruption to operations and no resistance from union, political or community leaders.
  • Stakeholders reported a clear understanding of the reasons behind the company’s decision and its positive long-term effects on the business.
  • Laid-off employees thanked company leaders for their compassion during the process.